Ferrari Ki Sawaari review

ferrari ki sawaari reviewCast: Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani, Ritvik Sahore

Directed by Rajesh Mapuskar

Rating: **1/2

Films like these are rare. If you evaluate ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’ with the usual metrics set for comedies, it lacks everything that would get a film distributer to bounce his belly or seduce an audience member to shell a chunk of his weekend budget on a multiplex ticket. No Bollywood A-listers, no comedy of errors where people get seriously injured, double meaning jokes- absent. And it doesn’t even have a story that’s compelling enough when you narrate it. But if this film does craft anything with delicious enthusiasm, it has to be the amiable characters that manage to hassle you with their problems and allow you to relish their joys as if they were your own.

The film takes us into the unremarkable life of this Parsi family comprising three generations of men. Grandpa Deboo or Mota baba (Boman Irani) is grumpier than the average grumpy person of his age and is perpetually plopped in front of the TV set. His son Rusy/ Rustom (Sharman Joshi) is an annoyingly righteous version of Ned Flanders (if this was possible?), only minus the green sweater and the combed mane and moustache. The youngest and perhaps the only uncaricatured member of this family is Rustom’s 12 year-old budding cricketer son, Kayo (Ritvik Sahore). Now, how this family manages to get involved with Italy’s automotive pride is a long-winding story best left to be seen on the screen. In a sentence, the film is about Rustom and Mota Baba’s journey in trying to fund Kayo’s cricket camp at the Lords. But apart from this larger basic plot, the sub-plots and tiny parallel stories interest, engage and make you postpone your washroom visit.

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