How to Set Up Google Chromecast

How to Set Up Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is one of the most inexpensive yet a very handy way to stream the media to your HDTV by directly using your computer or the mobile services as a connection. It can also be used via the Wi-Fi network in your home and it will also work really well with a specific kind of online content and websites as well. But it is not that easy as 1..2…3 and that is why one need a good guide to help. So here we are to help you because it is obvious that different people will have different operating systems as well. Just like Mac or PC for computer systems or Android or iOS for their mobiles. Here are a few easy steps on how to set up Google Chormecast…

The device is easily available on Amazon and eBay websites.

First step: Plug in the Chromecast in to your HDT
The first thing as always just plug in the Chormecast after taking it out of the box to your HDTV and into your power on USB port. Doing this should not be a problem at all for plugging the stick directly into a free HDMI port and then plug the micro USB cable from the Chormecast to an open USB port on your HDTV. But remember it may be tough to do this simple exercise as well because it all depends on how your HDTV works but do not panic. If your HDMI ports are grouped and also too close to gather then you may need to include the HDMI cable extender to give the Chormecast more room. And just in case if your HDTV set doesn’t have a powered USB port then you may need to connect the Chormecast to its power  adapter, attached to the pack and then plug that adapter to get the free power outlet. Although once you get the Chromecast plugged in and powered it should start flashing as soon as it turns on.

Second Step: Switching the HDTV Input to the Chromecast
If you have done the first step according to our advise then this second step will look much more simple than the first one. Just set your HDTV input to whichever HDMI port you have connected your Chormecast with. The HDTV should immediately show a ‘friendly’ ‘Set Me Up’ with the name of the Chromecast and the URL you need to visit to begin the Chromecast setup.

Third Step: Downloading the Chromecast App from the URL
This Chromecast can be used with any of the applications like Windows, Mac and Android and once installed it is very easy to use as well. Now GO to Google’s Chormecast setup page on your mobile phone or computer and install the app for your choice of App options given above.

Remember, if you have an iOS device then there is no App available for that device as of now. Although rest assured Google is working on to have an iOS setup app soon but as of now it is offering a Web-based setup which is no less functional. So just go to Google’s iOS Chromecast setup page and configure it. This setup is just the same though the steps may vary slightly.

Fourth Step: Running the Chromeset software and selecting the Chromeset
It doesn’t matter which platform you are using Android, Windows or Mac, the App or the web link given will automatically list any Cromecasts which are plugged in nearby in the setup mode and then will enable you to make the process of setting it up to work with your Wi-Fi internet connection. If you are going to setup multiple Chromesets at a one go then just keep on looking at your HDTV set to where each of the Chromecast is too connected and do not forget to note down the number flashing on your screen. Once you have set up the Wi-Fi connection you can easily name each of the Chromecast later.

Fifth Step: Confirming the Chromecast code
Once you have selected the Chromecast now your device will start attempting to communicate with it. It will then show you a four-character code on your HDTV screen and that should then match with the code appears on your device in the setup software. Once the codes are matched just click on the correct box and move on to the Step Six, given below

Sixth Step: Renaming your Chromecast (Optional)
This is an optional step and you need to use only if you have plugged in more than one Chromecast or just want to mark it as your own. The software will let you change its name once it is confirmed by you that it has been successfully connected with your device. You don’t need to change the name if you are okay with ChromecastXXXX as its designation. Still, you may find it useful if you name each one of them based on which room it is in. e.g. Living room/Den etc.

Seventh Step: Entering your Wi-Fi info
The software should immediately connect with your device’s current Wi-Fi network. Just enter your network password and the Chromecast will start trying to log onto that specified network too. As soon as it is done you are now ready to start streaming on it. Remember it only supports the 2.4GHz networks. If you have a Nexus 7 and if it asks to leave 5GHz network and switched it to the 2.4 GHz version which may not be as worthy as the previous one, but will still work great enough.

Step Eight: Starting the usage of the Chromecast device
Now your Chromecast should be ready to use. Now you can start streaming YouTube, Google Play media or Netflix with it. The stream Chrome browser tabs from your computer to it as well.

So enjoy your Google Chromecast!!

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