MOVIE REVIEW – Dabangg 2: A sequel that doesn’t take it forward

dabangg-2-salman-khanMOVIE REVIEW – Dabangg 2

The process is manufactured to regale though you don’t miss the awful truth- this sequel is basically the same film as the first one, as the trailers hinted. This then, is a montage of Salman Khan being himself, dancing, romancing, cracking lewd jokes and of course, beating up the bad guys with some pretty outlandish stunts. Everything else is incidental and of no importance.

It seems unfair to devote a whole review to Arbaaz Khan’s “Dabangg 2”, given that this is hardly a film. As a friend said, it’s a collection of deleted scenes from “Dabangg” that have been put together haphazardly to make the skeleton of a film.

Right now if Salman Khan stands in front of the camera twitching one eyebrow for two-and-half hours, he’ll guarantee a 200-crore hit. Dabangg 2 gives you more than that, of course. It unleashes the superstar in full fury and flair.

All said, Dabangg 2, distinguished from Dabangg by just the numerical ‘2’, serves the package bigger if not better.

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