New Game – Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space New Game
Angry Birds recently made the top 25 list of Apple’s most downloaded apps of all time. Angry Birds Space will be available on March 22 in Android, iOS, Mac and PC. Sammy announced a special collaboration with Rovio— aka the makers of Angry Birds— to bring a special edition of the upcoming Angry Birds Space game.The game, which will be available for download on March 22, was launched in collaboration with the US space agency and NASA posted a video online from a US astronaut aboard the International Space Station.In a YouTube promotional video, NASA astronaut Don Pettit dreamily floats inside an International Space Station (ISS) approximately 242.5 miles above the earth’s surface, holding a toy red bird as he prepares to explain the physics of Angry Birds Space . Pettit launches a red Angry Birds toy from a catapult while in zero gravity to explain trajectory. To add to the effect, he also blows up green balloon to make an evil pig and lets some “stolen” eggs float in the air in front of him



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